Vape This

Mid Con Vape Con - October 23 & 24th - Joplin, MO

Come by and see us, and join the fun at Mid Con Vape Con Expo, October 23 & 24th just up the road in Joplin, MO. We will have a booth there with our Ohm Artists line of eLiquid. Nathan Scott our brand ambassador and the Wizard creator Ben Reid of Ohm Artists will be on hand to answer questions and share this extraordinary line. Going on over a year strong, with tons of local popularity, we hope to bring these fine liquids to an even bigger audience. Join Us, for what is sure to be a great Expo. Lets bring some of that Oklahoma Vape Love to Joplin.


To reach either location call: (918) 505-3600

Vape This - Broken Arrow

1139 East Kenosha Street,

Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Vape This - Tulsa

4311 S Sheridan Rd,

Tulsa, OK 74137

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